More than two decades of proven excellence

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Mr. Freasier spent 10 years with the Internal Revenue Service serving assignments in the following capacities:

  • Internal Revenue Agent, Criminal Investigator, Appeals and District Counsel
  • Mr. Freasier served as an instructor for the Internal Revenue Service where he instructed I.R.S. agents in individual, corporate, appeals and criminal law matters
  • While assigned to the I.R.S. national office in Washington D.C., Mr. Freasier, with two others, wrote the I.R.S. texts for both Individual and Corporate Law used to train I.R.S. personnel

After leaving the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Freasier went into the private practice of tax law. During this period he represented corporations in civil tax cases and defended criminal tax cases. During his period of private practice, Mr. Freasier, for ten years, served as special consultant to the Internal Revenue Service where he was engaged in rewriting, evaluating and expanding the annual Enrollment Examination given to people who wish to practice before the Internal Revenue Service in representing taxpayers. 

During the Reagan Presidency, Mr. Freasier served on a prestigious Congressional Advisory Board as a special Tax Advisor for the National Tax Policy. Mr. Freasier is a permanent member of the President’s Advisory Board of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Special honors/designations

Certified Public Accountant (Inactive)


Mr. Freasier has written articles for several national publications, including: The Journal of Taxation, Taxation for Lawyers, and Taxation for Accountants.

Mr. Freasier has lectured extensively to Bar Association conferences, C.P.A. conferences and Insurance conferences. Mr. Freasier served as Professor of Taxation at Virginia Commonwealth University where he designed and implemented the entire Master of Taxation program. He has also lectured extensively at law schools. Mr. Freasier served on the Taxation Editorial Board of Prentice Hall Publishing Company for nine years.