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Alert – March/April 2018 Breakout Sessions – Asia: Select Strategies for US Inbound Wealth Transfers

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Teeple Hall, LLP. – Asia: Select Strategies for US Inbound Wealth Transfers

Select Strategies for US Inbound Wealth Transfers

1291Group Ltd. and Teeple Hall, LLP are pleased to announce a series of one-on-one meetings in key Asian markets. This is a great opportunity for HNW individuals, families and family offices to meet and discuss with us the powerful benefits that private placement life insurance and variable annuities (PPLI and PPVA) can provide for the tax efficient management of assets in a US tax environment.

Experienced practitioners frame the basic issues underlying US inbound wealth or migration flows. They will then layout how PPLI/PPVA strategies can serve to protect wealth and provide a tax efficient platform for substantially leveraging the mid- and long-term growth potential for financial assets.

Discussion points will include:

  • The importance of reviewing, updating and augmenting estate plan structures to comply with changes in the law and
    client objectives frequently arising in the highly dynamic estate and tax planning arena.
  • US inbound estate and tax planning in the aftermath of Trump’s 2017 Tax Reform Act – what changed and what didn’t.
  • When talking about Foreign Grantor Trusts, the tax benefits should not be the only driver in the conversation – asset
    protection, succession planning for family businesses, and long-term financial stability are key factors often overlooked.
  • PPLI and PPVA are grounded in very basic concepts of US tax law and every advisor to HNW families with US tax exposure
    (now or future) should understand the value that appropriately designed, implemented and managed policies can add
    to overall wealth accumulation.
  • Effective implementation and management of PPLI/PPVA strategies requires a team approach.Teeple Hall, LLP is a San Diego based boutique law firm, providing legal services in three core practice areas:
  • Corporate/Advisory
  • Civil Litigation
  • Private Client Services
  • Within the Private Client Services group, the firm provides a range of bespoke services:
  • Income and estate tax planning
  • Foreign asset compliance and reporting
  • International trust and estate planning
  • Design and implementation of private placement life insurance strategies
  • The firm also provides a range of private office services, tailored to assist high net worth individuals, families and family offices in building,
    preserving and transferring wealth to future generations or in furtherance of philanthropic and charitable objectives.
  • Complex international tax and estate planning matters
  • Asset protection planning
  • Family governance matters
  • His highly varied legal experience includes asset structuring, integration of privately held businesses into estate plans, succession planning, risk
    analysis and in-depth coordination of third party advisors located throughout the world, necessary to implement complex planning solutions.

1291Group, located in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Asia, North and Latin America specializes in providing tailormade international insurance and
investment solutions to financial professionals and investors.The 1291Group Asia Ltd. is overseen by Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yannick Häni.

Our solutions optimize the client’s situation with respect to investments, asset protection, taxation and estate planning. With our team of internationally experienced specialists and our exclusive team of external advisors, we cater to financial and tax professionals, family offices, entrepreneurs, private investors and affluent families.

Mr. Todd Hall and Mr. Yannick Häni would be delighted to meet you during their trip in Hong Kong (26th March 2018 to 29th March 2018) and in Singapore (3rd April 2018 to 5th April 2018).Please contact them directly under:For further information, please contact Todd Douglas Hall, Esq., Partner, or Mr. Yannick Häni at Teeple Hall, LLP

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