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How Do Companies Successfully Raise Capital – Part 3

By Darryl Mazow | January 04th, 2017 | Tags: , , | 0 Comments.

How do companies successfully raise capital?  By understanding the process.

Through this 4-part video series, I will try to give you the benefit of my experience and  familiarize you with that process and some important elements to consider on your path to  successfully raising capital and gaining insight as to the types of capital to consider depending on your particular need.

Understanding the process of raising capital and doing it successfully requires a set strategy that I will introduce you to in the first part of this video series – How Do Companies Successfully Raise Capital?At the end of this segment, I will leave you with some questions to consider, in preparation for Part 4.

This series is aimed at companies and their owners who want a better understanding  of an efficient path to raising capital successfully and what steps to take as you begin to prepare for your discussions with potential investors.

  • Topics we will cover include:
  • Understanding the process
  • Why people raise money for their company?
  • How companies successfully raise capital?
  • The one item you need to successfully raise money for your company.
  • What type of capital you are looking for?
  • Why will an investor invest in your company?
  • And much more, including what’s needed when proposing your company to an investor.

I hope you will find this series informative and useful as you take your company to its next level of success

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