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Estate Gift Tax

Teeple Hall, LLP can help you protect your assets.

Currently each individual can protect $5.43 million from gift and estate tax. If death occurs, this amount is protected from estate tax exposure. On the other hand, this amount could be given away without having to pay gift tax. The opportunity for protective planning is vast.

40% is the estate tax rate. This is a punishing and dramatic tax that can crush family legacies. At Teeple Hall, LLP we believe in “hoping for the best, and planning for the worst.” This means you should take full advantage of the tax and estate planning opportunities out there if your estate is approaching the exempted amount.

If you have been fortunate enough to build a financial legacy you want to give to your loved ones for their future security, you need to actively participate in estate and gift tax planning.

Through the use of such tools as irrevocable trusts and family limited partnerships, Teeple Hall, LLP helps you reduce or eliminate estate tax liabilities. Revocable trusts can be composed providing a substantial level of protection for married couples, your children, and even your grandchildren. Dynasty or Family Protection trusts are classically utilized to capture estate tax avoidance for all your future generations.

Together we can develop a practical estate and tax plan that offers you and your loved ones the best of all outcomes that could happen.