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Every so often you cannot avoid litigating a tax controversy with the IRS or with the state tax authority. The dollar amount of the issue may be too large for the payer to settle, there may be irresoluble disputes regarding the facts, or the parties involved may have different views of what the applicable law entail.

Teeple Hall, LLP tax litigators can help you get results. With extensive experience in tax procedure and tax law Teeple Hall, LLP can provide you with  the solution to your tax controversy. We have experience in litigating all types of tax controversies, from collection disputes, individual tax liability, refund litigation, and corporate deficiency.

Always sensitive to the expense of litigation, we work with our client to identify the issues that are likely to be solemn to the litigation. We focus our effort on the key issues, often starting while the audit is currently underway, so we can position to push for a favorable pre-trial settlement or present a strong case at trial. When a Teeple Hall, LLP litigator takes your tax controversy to court, the opposing party and the judge will be given the facts and presented with the law in the most persuasive light.

We guide you through the litigation and audit process with effective legal representation and strategic advice within all of the following stages:

  • Dealing with IRS Examiners
  • Responding to information requests or summonses
  • Requesting technical advice from the IRS National Office
  • Negotiating closing agreements and other settlements
  • Preparing protests and negotiating settlements in the IRS Appeals Office
  • Choosing the proper forum and strategy for tax litigation
  • Conducting discovery
  • Litigating your case at trial and on appeal